pMML2SVG: MathML to SVG via XSLT

Screenshot of SVG renderings created by pMML2SVG

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SVG is much more widely supported than MathML by renderers such as vector graphics packages, Web browsers and document formatting engines.

pMML2SVG provides a means of transforming MathML presentation markup into SVG. A distinguishing feature is that this transformation is implemented in XSLT (2.0), which allows it to be elegantly integrated into XML-based workflows.

Its raw installation requires the presence of STIXBeta fonts. However, pMML2SVG comes with facilities to create suitable font-metrics files from other TTF Unicode fonts.

The distribution includes XSLT stylesheets for transparent transformation of MathML embedded within XHTML and XSL-FO.



All mathematical examples are pMML2SVG renderings produced by processing XHTML and XSL-FO DocBook output using scripts provided with pMML2SVG. Logo