Conversion of MathML to SVG via XSLT: pMML2SVG

User Documentation

Justus H Piater

Université de Liège
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Table of Contents

1. pMML2SVG: User guide
XSLT Processors
Basic Usage
DocBook to PDF renderer
DocBook to (X)HTML renderer
Changing the Font
FOP font metrics
Font parameter
Usage Examples
2. MathML Compliance
A. DocBook test file source code

List of Tables

2.1. Conformance: MathML elements: Tokens
2.2. Conformance: MathML elements: General layout
2.3. Conformance: MathML elements: Scripts and limits
2.4. Conformance: MathML elements: Tables and matrices
2.5. Conformance: MathML elements: Enlivening expressions
2.6. Attributes common to all elements: tokens and general layout
2.7. Attributes common to all elements: scripts and limits, tables and matrices and enlivening expressions

List of Examples

1.1. test.xml example: source code
1.2. test.xml example: SVG transformation source code
1.3. test.xml example: SVG transformation result
1.4. test.xml example: SVG transformation result (modified initSize)

List of Equations

1.1. Alternatives
1.2. Elaborate likelihood
1.3. Complex square root
1.4. Newton
1.5. Rotation
1.6. Swarzchild