Chapter 1. pMML2SVG: User guide

Table of Contents

XSLT Processors
Basic Usage
DocBook to PDF renderer
DocBook to (X)HTML renderer
Changing the Font
FOP font metrics
Font parameter
Usage Examples

pMML2SVG is an XSLT stylesheet and has to be used with an XSLT processor to execute the transformation. pMML2SVG takes advantage of some features newly introduced in XSLT 2 such as temporary trees, functions, tunnel parameters, and strong typing. One XSLT processor that implements the full XSLT 2 recommendation is Saxon 9.

However, all ancillary stylesheets that come with pMML2SVG are written in XSLT 1 and can be processed by any of the widespread XSLT 1 processors (xsltproc, Saxon 6, Xalan, …).